Thursday, March 05, 2009

I'm Burnin' I'm Burnin' I'm Burnin' For You

Dinner came to a screeching halt this evening and we ended up eating at Rose's favorite place, Brother's Restaurant. I have an interesting recipe for a glazed roast chicken with porcini mushrooms and potatoes. The glaze involved cooking down some water, honey and Marsala wine. All was going well but I was bored watching the pot boil and went into the other room to write a two line email. That's all it took. Burned it straight to the bottom of the pan. Dammit. The house still reeks. So tomorrow we will be having roast chicken with porcini mushrooms and potatoes sans glaze. Oh well.

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Brook said...

Man, I hate it when that happens-0 to burnt in 6.4 seconds. Can't tell you how many times that happens. And the smell. How long does it take to disappear? I swear some rooms in my house smell like supper for days. Your restraunt reads nice-the pork roast and dressing could be really tasty. Nothing like good country cooking. Especially when someone else does it!