Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More Great Restaurant Food

While Dinah and Rose napped I hung out with my Dad down in the lobby of the hotel. We asked the front desk for another restaurant recommendation. I told her that we enjoyed Malone's last night and would like something of equal or lesser value. She asked about tastes, what about Italian? No, I don't like Italian. What about sushi? Well I LOVE sushi but there was no way my Mom and Dad were going to go for that. I'd be the only one eating. So she recommended Sal's which is owned by the same company that owns Malone's. And it's in the same shopping center, about five doors down. At least we wouldn't get lost this time.

Sal's Chophouse was just as posh as Malone's and the menu was only a tad less expensive. Mom was thrilled. The rolls were better but we missed the garlic butter that Malone's had on the table. Again I wasn't drinking but Dinah ordered a Pixie Stick Martini. She became enthralled with this drink, I think she even had two. No appetizers tonight as we were all still a little full from our late lunch. My Mom ordered a scallop special with a Caprese salad. She doesn't eat salads though. Dinah ordered the grilled scallops. I could have who ordered which scallops backwards though. Dinah said they were great but still not as good as what we enjoyed in Charlottetown. They never are. I had debated between the ribs or the ribeye. Actually, nothing really sounded that appealing to me except for the ribeye but I felt guilty getting another expensive entree. My Dad settled on the ribs but when I found out that the ribs had a raspberry barbecue sauce, I settled on the ribeye. I do not like sweet barbecue sauce. What is that my third ribeye since we left home? Well my cholesterol is too low anyway (seriously). Need I say that I gained weight this trip? Grrr.

Everyone's meal was excellent. I do have to say that my ribeye was not as good as Malone's but there's nothing wrong with second place. Of course we all had to have desert. They had the same cookie as Malone's!!!! Dinah wanted to split one but I said NO. Though I did share mine with Rose. Dinah got her own and my parents split a tasty looking sundae.

There was no night cap at the bar because we we just too stuffed after we left the restaurant. We did get another Rose free night though.


Once we got home Dinah worked at trying to clone the Pixie Stick Martini. She finally got it mastered Sunday night. Here it is:

1 oz Pucker Blue Island Punch
1 oz Vodka
1 oz Triple Sec
1/2 oz Sweet & Sour mix
1 oz Grape Pucker
2 oz of 7-up
Shake and serve in a chilled glass with a pixie stix sugar rim (She mixed red, blue, orange, and purple together and made a little pixie stix sugar blend -- it's good she says)

Some notes:
  • We could not find Pucker Blue Island Punch so Dinah used Blue Curacao, which looking at the Pucker/DeKuyper website looks to be an upgrade over the Pucker Blue anyway.
  • The Grape Pucker proved to be impossible to find, in Georgia at least. We found it in Murphy NC. Dinah rates this part to be critical. She tried making the drink without it, substituting grape popsicle instead and it was close but not right.
  • If it isn't Halloween pixie sticks may be hard to find. Well they sure are in rural America at least. BUT, Cracker Barrel has them. They are behind the cash registers, five cents a piece.

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Brook said...

See-it's almost possible to have too much of a good thing, but just almost! That drink soounds pretty tasty-all sweet and soury but considering the shopping list I'll stick to cosmos and rickeys and beer for the time being.