Friday, February 06, 2009

The Dip and Roll

Yesterday I also made cookies. On their web site, Gourmet Magazine put up cookie recipes taken from their December issues from 1940 to present. I went with the Navettes Sucrees from 1951, because I had those ingredients.

There's is a good chance that people don't remember what a shuttle is. For those of you, here is a picture:

At one time, the textile industry in the US was centered in the Northeast and later moved to the Southeast. I don't think I need to explain why. In the 1990's I worked in South Carolina and at that time much of the textile industry was closing down as jobs and work was outsourced to foreign countries. Remember the Evil Empire's Buy American campaign, with shirts tagged as made in Honduras? I do. At the time, I was melting down looms left and right as mill after mill in the South closed. Milliken took a beating. Sara Lee gone (you didn't know they made clothes?). Too many others to count. We melted a bunch of them.

Anyway, these cookies a named after the shape of the shuttle on the loom they resemble. Perhaps it would be better to describe them as flattened footballs for those that don't know what a shuttle is but Sugar Flattened Footballs doesn't have the ring that Sugar Shuttles has.

The sugar shuttles were a pretty neat cookie to make. Much different than the usual cookie fare. The recipe only made 18 so I sent them off to work with Dinah. Because you dip the cookies in egg whites I found it much easier to form all the cookies first, then go back and dip and roll them.

It has a nice candy crunch that you get on the outside of the cookie:

My version of the recipe is here. Enjoy.


Brook said...

Okay let's try this again. Once again I got fooled with the comment thing and whatever witty and insightful thing I said has been lost in the blogosphere. So you dip the cookies before you bake them. Interesting. Did you try one before you packed them up? I think I would have been eating the crispy edges myself. Maybe on another snow day-I am currently sweeted(how's that for a non-word)out. Have fun with the Jungle book King Louie!

Huff Daddy said...

Yep, dip the raw cookie in egg white then roll in sugar then bake. Let's see I ate raw cookies (always my favorite), baked cookies and just sugar crispies. All were tasty.

I only ate two and then sent the rest with Dinah. I'm evil in that way. >:-}

Brook said...

I remember getting in trouble for eating raw cookie dough as a kid but being unable to resist the soft grainy sweetness. haven't eaten raw cookie dough or cake batter in a super long time. Oh and my parents (including a step or two)at one time or another worked in mills in the south. Before moving on to boat engineer(Dad) structural steel detailer(Mom)retired(Bob)hairdresser(Terri). the fall of the mighty mill is rather a shame.

Huff Daddy said...

My logic is that I haven't gotten sick yet eating raw cookie dough or raw brownie dough, why stop now. Been doing it for over 30 years. I don't think my parents knew any better. We always got to lick the beaters! :)

Brook said...

Okay, I do brownie bowl licking. Cause to not is a crime against the brownie gods. But that's it aside from frostings and puddings. I am not concerned about the safety issue as I always offer the kids the bowl/beater but I am grossed out by raw eggs.