Monday, July 13, 2009

Back in the Saddle Again

I started back to class today. I had to cash in some of my pitiful retirement to do it but it was starting to look like there was no other way and that if I didn't do something drastic any possibility of ever taking this class again would be slim to none. (I can't believe that is one sentence).

Of course the school had to piss me off again. I had to reapply as a returning student (is that redundant) since I took two quarters off. That involved filling out paperwork with information they already have on file. I can see it myself on-line. Then I had to get another TB test because mine had expired one week ago and you need an up to date one every year. I needed that before I could register for my class But the test takes 48 hours to read which meant that I wouldn't have my test result until Thursday which is after Wednesday when classes begin. And registering after classes begin means I have to pay a late fee. Never mind the fact that I had everything together other than my TB test which they allowed after the fact the first time I applied and never mind the fact that my class didn't start until today NOT ON WEDNESDAY.

Piss ant school.

I think what really grates me is the fact that they treat me like a punk high school kid. I'm married. I'm almost 40. I have a kid. I already have a degree. I've already had a career. We pay property taxes that pays for this school to even exist. Stop treating me like I'm 17 and show me some respect. Even the president of the college was patronizing to me.

Piss ant school.

Class looks like it will be good. The silver lining in having taken two quarters off is that the high school kids are gone. The class is big, about 20 people but so was class with the punk high school kids so that's no problem for me. Most of the class are restaurant people, many commuting from as far away as 60 miles. A good third of the class look to be my age or older than me. We have one recent high school hottie who I was told by Ed, one of the elder cooks, is the mouth of the class. Her mom owns a catering company and apparently this girl knows it all. I actually watched her smart off to Chef Drake and get rewarded with sweeping and mopping the kitchen. Ed pointed out another young Turk and told me he was 18 with 40 years of experience. I laughed. Should be a good class.

Today was orientation so we were done in two hours. Except for Hottie, she still had to mop. Tomorrow we start with knife cuts. My knives are sharp so I'm ready.

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Brook said...

Yay(I love the drama!) Have fun! I need to get my knives sharpened. Oh well.