Thursday, July 23, 2009

Yogrit Update

Again I'm changing too many variables at once but I feel like I can reasonably figure out the influencing variables.

The latest batch of yogurt I made with the last cup of the previous successful yogurt as the starter. But I also decided to flavor the yogurt before it fermented rather than after it was finished. I added the equivalent amount of Splenda and True Lemon that I would have used for the individual cups.

The result was throwing the entire batch out. Each cup appeared to be only half set, very liquidy. I also noted that the consistency of the solids was like curdled milk. A quick taste confirmed it was curdled milk.

I don't think that the remaining yogurt used as starter was the problem as much as the addition on True Lemon. Even though this is a dry ingredient, I think the True Lemon rehydrated and had enough acidic content to curdle the milk.

Back to the drawing board. I'll get this mastered yet. I bought another cup of the organic plain Greek yogurt that I used successfully last time. Oh, it is Stonyfield Farms not Stoneybrook Farms. Sorry.


Brook said...

How are classes going? I like the drama-like I said-better that soaps (which I do not watch btw). Keep having fun with the yogurt making, but I think I will keep on getting the Stoneyfield. I am not that ambitious. But I do have a question, how is your sourdough? Are you still doing it?

Huff Daddy said...

I'll be posting about week 2 soon,but class is going well.

Absolutely, there is no reason to make your own yogurt except for the challenge, which is what is driving me.

I am still making sourdough, about every two weeks, which means it is about time. Need to pull the starter out of the fridge.