Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Oh No, No Eggos!

I'm almost back... in the meantime there is apparently a great Eggo shortage!

The Great Eggo Shortage!

It's a good thing that Rose and I make our own. I freeze the leftovers and she eats them throughout the week.


Brook said...

I don't know what's better-Rose's absolute joy in making waffles or that "your own personal jesus" was playing in the sidebar. There is an Eggo shortage? Not being a waffle eater/maker/buyer I have no clue about these things. In another note I just last night was trying to explain the finer points of mixing to the French Kid. While practically choking down what could have been the best tasting but toughest madeline I've ever eaten. She was under the impression that beating our tough American flour to death would render a lighter baked good. She has quite a few predjudices when it comes to America, it's food and the "fake" cheese we have here. Not all of them are bad(or wrong) but you get the idea... Hope to see more of you on here soon! I miss your blogs! Did I tell you my email got all f***ed up? Click through my name to get my new email adress.

Huff Daddy said...

Oh yeah, I forgot I need to rest the music.

I'm way behind because I had a big class project over the last four week that was all my focus and then I butchered my finger and I'm having trouble typing. To be discussed in good time.

Yes the gluten develops as you beat the flour, the more you beat it, the tougher it gets. One of the things I want to try is to make the waffles, or pancakes particularly, with pastry flour.

Of the flours, pastry flour has the least amount of gluten so in theory I should be able to beat it more, i.e. get the limps out, but not make the batter/dough as tough as I would if I were using a higher protein flour.

Brook said...

the music made it even cuter! You know, even if you don't get the pastry flour(I don't do that kind of baking enough to bother with buying that flour-the three I already get are plenty) and just let the batter sit after doing minimal mixing it kind of works itself out...most of the time. :)
That finger looks like it hurts! Did you have fun at NORI NORI?

Huff Daddy said...

Oh yes, we already do the rest, just like you would for pizza dough. For the pancakes/waffles it's important for two reasons, one to let the protein rest and relax and two, to give the baking powder and acids time to react and produce the gas to provide the leavening.

Amy said...

Can Rose come cook with me??? PRETTY PLEASE?? My big boys son't wanna anymore-and my 2 yr old isn't quite ready yet. She is a doll!!

Amy said...

Yep-you are so right guys on the resting. Batter, dough and mommies need to rest. :o)