Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Left Over Thanksgiving Turkey Hash

Thanksgiving was piece of cake this year. It wasn't at our house. Our only responsibility was Dinah to make the family secret dressing. I'm not a dressing guy. I grew up with stuffing. I think dressing is a Southern thing and I just haven't bonded with it yet. But hers is good, albeit dry, but I just put gravy on it.

I made Funeral pie which I hope to post on soon.

I'm down on turkey this year. My favorite parts are the skin and the dark meat. I'm the ONLY one that eats the skin in my family. But there was little good crispy skin this year. But the dark meat just wasn't right. The problem might be me. Back in January I posted about trying a turkey thigh. Again at Thanksgiving I found the meat rubbery and just unpleasant to eat. I even found the color to be wrong. Maybe I'm just becoming dissatisfied with turkey. I've never been that fond if it anyway.

We did bring home two turkey legs. I have friends that crave smoked turkey legs like you see at fairs. I've had one good one before at a Nascar race, but in general I don't like legs (turkey legs that is). All the sinews and cartilage just give me fits. Scrounging for lunch today I saw the foil packages sitting in the corner of the fridge. Why not?

I grabbed the legs and picked off the best meat I could, then chopped it up. I didn't even cut myself thank you very much. I grabbed the left over French fries from Saturday's lunch Rose always insists on bringing home. Left over fries are never right no matter how you reheat them. I diced them and also an onion. Tossed it all with a little oil in the skillet and voila!

A little salt and pepper and better than any can of Hormel's corned beef has you ever had. You don't really cook anything as much as give it a little browning.

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