Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sometimes You Strike Out Swinging

A few weeks ago I bought some turkey thighs on sale, BIG sale. I have been intrigued with cooking turkey without roasting a whole bird. I don't like white meat and I'm not crazy about legs, so I jumped at the opportunity to buy thighs.

I didn't do anything special, which may have been a mistake. I just baked them in a dish with an aluminum foil tent until done. In just cutting the meat off the bone I thought something was off. Dinah felt they tasted fine. I thought the texture was wrong, close to rubbery and I didn't care for the flavor either. I wouldn't call it gamey but it was too strong. I ate two bites and fed the rest to the dog. Normally I say "if it's no good, we'll go out." But now we're too broke for that option so if it is no good the choice is to starve. This was a big, big disappointment. I'll revisit it another day and try a rub or a marinade or maybe doing them on the grill but for now I'm not pleased.

Not much for snack food either. I just made some popcorn. I make mine the old fashion way, on the stove. I find it tastes so much better than the microwave bag stuff that I can't go back. And I believe it is healthier since mine only contains popcorn and healthy oil. I'm still hungry though.


Dinah said...

I think the turkey will be good in some dressing (Thanksgiving type, in a pan, not a stuffing).

Brook said...

There are so many interseting things to do with turkey thighs. I am sorry your first experience wasn't what it should have been. And hey, your dog got some good protein!

Huff Daddy said...

Well I decided it is important to highlight the cooking failures also. Don't want to make it sound like everything always comes out great.