Monday, April 20, 2009

Первый блин комом*

The first pancake is a blob.

I think it's true. That first one is always no good and you have to throw it away. That happened with our first pregnancy in Michigan and then we had a perfect pancake on our second try named Rose.

The blog has been quiet this past week as I've been preoccupied with ultrasounds and bad news and a D&C. We started making pancakes again and once again we had to throw the first one out. In Michigan it was the very first time and so it was devastating. This time it is a little nonchalant, at least for me. I think because we have Rose. I think God looked down and said, "I did such a great job with Rose, this one just won't meet the standard I set, so I'm going to nip it in the bud right now." And I'm good with that. Kind of happy really. I think the next pancake is going to be a really, really good one.

I did actually cook once last week. I made stew. I bought a top round roast with do idea of what to do with it. Stew seemed like a good compromise. I made it from a recipe that I had used before. I'm still tweaking it as the recipe in the book is wrong. For example it calls for a 1/2 cup of garlic powder. Uh no. Tried that last time and we didn't need to fear any undead for a 200 mile radius. This time is went much smoother and I think I had the best sear on stew meat I had ever done. While I was making it we got an invite to go out to dinner so I packed up all of the stew in individual serving containers to quickly cool down in the fridge. Serve Safe, remember? We had it for dinner two days later. It tasted really good but it just wasn't stew. It was more like pot roast. I don't know what happened but it seems like sitting in the fridge the meat and vegetables absorbed all of the liquid so there was no "soup" component. Dinah was home most of the week for obvious reasons and I had lost interest in eating the pot roast stew, so with no one interested in eating it, I've been leaving it out for the feral cats. They LOVE it! Though it could be a raccoon or opossum I'm feeding I don't really know but I like to think it's the cats.

This week hopefully we get back on track, hopefully.

*I actually took Russian in high school. I was close to fluent but I don't remember much though I can still read it. Someday I'll revisit learning i.

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Brook said...

Loss no matter how small hurts. I too think that there are many reasons for that first pancake problem and like you I would rather have a perfect pancake. You and Dinah both are in my thoughts.
On another note someone said use a 1/2 cup of garlic powder? And you did? I would not have the guts to even try that much-unless I was making a huge pot of stew.
Feeding ferals leftovers is better than nothing. I have got to get back in the kitchen myself.