Tuesday, April 07, 2009

No School for You!

Classes resume tomorrow. I looked at the schedule and they are only offering three classes next quarter thanks to budget cutbacks (they let Chef McKenna go too). Two of the classes I have already had and the third class I don't have the prerequisites for. Mar. :( I even called Chef Drake to confirm. There wasn't even a class in another subject that looked remotely interesting. No surprise I guess since the two main programs are medical assistant and cosmetology. So I'll have to wait until the summer quarter. I'll just keep practicing at home I guess.


Brook said...

Still liking the music! And keep practicing-seems like you are doing just fine and better! I know! Make pesto by hand and perfect your mad knife skills(and get a little tricep workout-well, it worked for me :))

Huff Daddy said...

I gotta sharpen the knives first. Supposedly a food processor will bruise the basil so using a knife avoids that. Could quite possibly explain why you feel you can taste a difference.