Friday, December 19, 2008

Cookie Swap - A Rant

This rant is actually about food!

My wife went to a cookie a swap last night. She made macaroons the night before. Not my favorite cookie, but I do like the crispy ones. I'm just not a coconut fan. She took three dozen and of course they exchange them for everyone else's tasty treats. She came home with three dozen various cookies.

Well almost three dozen.

#1 Raw oatmeal mixed in melted chocolate and allowed to cool on wax paper into some type of brown, but tasty, turd, is NOT a f@$ing cookie.

#2 Buckeyes, as much as I LOVE them (the treats not the fans) are candies, sweets or treats but NOT f@$!ing cookies.

#3 Finally, if you don't make your own cookies to take to a cookie swap, you are a loser, lame and I have no respect for you. And no, Pillsbury Bake-N-Break does NOT f!#%ing count. You have to put some effort into it and do homemade. Otherwise just take Oreos. You had a month's notice. you had enough time. I didn't think my wife would have time. I offered to bake her some cookies to take but she said no and did it herself. If she had time, anyone has time.



Brook said...

I have recently disovered that I do in fact like coconut-except for coconut cream pie and those candy bars(the eating of which had convinced me that I did not like coconut)Now give those buckeye ladies their props, those things are a pain to make and a lot more work than most spoon and drop cookies. However, those chocolate oatmeal things- though they may be called cookies- don't seem like cookies to me either. And bake and break or whatever don't even taste real. They should never be used! Banned from being food even. Just my opinion of course. The time factor is less important to me than the taste factor you know? Even the box mix cookies taste like heaven compared to those tube things. Eat what ya like and give the rest to the trashcan-he likes that kind of stuff!

Huff Daddy said...

Agreed on Buckeyes being difficult. But even still, one BAKES cookies. My rules and I make 'em up. :)

Huff Daddy said...

BTW, I love, I mean LOVE chow mein noodles covered in chocolate. Like crack head loves crack. I call them spiders, not sure what they are really called.

Still not a cookie though.