Saturday, December 13, 2008

Here I Am (non food post)

Here I am, sitting here "watching" The Muppet Movie (I've created a monster).

Sorry for spoiling everyone with almost daily posts, but if you will remember I was actually working this week! I got back Thursday and was home yesterday with the little one who has strep (you'd never know). Nothing food related to report since we were working in a shit hole called Warrenton which is really just a cross roads and staying 15 miles way in Thomson . Thomson has one, count it with me, one sit down restaurant inside the Best Western (I'm not counting Ryan's). Everything else is Zaxby's, McDonald's, Burger King, Huddle House, etc. That was rough. And let's compare, Thomson population 6800, Blairsville population 700 and we have at least ten sit down restaurants and even our own equivalent of Ryan's.

Now we're watching the The Muppet Show, First Season.

Get this, I played sidekick for three days at this foundry putting in a new raw material for them that no one seems to be comfortable with, not even the idiots selling it and it came off without a hitch (I'm not bragging, but I am the only expert on this material in the US. I'm the only one who sold and serviced it in the US for the past nine years. But I "retired" in May of this year. The guy from Europe who was supposed to come over for this project had surgery, so they called me in as a second choice). And yesterday I got a call that they are closing the shop first quarter next year. I guess the demand for disc brakes for trucks has fallen off. Ya think! Well It's not the first plant I've "helped" close down.

Now we're watching Bambi.

So did I miss it? Yes and no. I've been doing this type of project work for the past nine years, and I've been the only one in North America for this company, but this was the first time that I was called in to assist and not lead an installation. The first day was OK. I was bored halfway through the second day. I was ready to go at the end of the second day and we still had one more day to go. My curse in my career-life seems to be that everything in the foundry comes quickly, easily and naturally to me and I'm surrounded by idiots who just don't get it. And the more YOE (years of experience) they have, the more of an idiot they are. It frustrates me to no end. It's just not that hard. I'm not saying it's easy, it's just not that hard. (You'll hear me say that a lot. I feel the same way about raising my own kid(s)).

Would I go back? I'd like to get back into the foundry, but the closest foundry in Georgia is (was) this one and it is still four hours away. That's a heck of a commute. Unless Dinah gets pissed off at work we're not moving for any foreseeable future and there is a very small finite number of places to live that have foundries. Add to that, that number is dwindling every day. I'd like to get back on the metal side. I've been doing the sand side for the past nine years. But then there are all of those idiots. (The shame is that I am REALLY, REALLY good at it, but I don't like it).

I could go back to the consulting/material support that I did for the past nine years, but that's so much travel and then there are all those idiots. So maybe I'll just keep an open ear and do these once in a while projects as they come along. This company has three of four salesmen (they call them technical people, HAH!) retiring next year, so I bet there will be plenty of opportunities to pick from.

So anyway, that's where I've been. Now to get back on theme. I've had corn syrup on my mind the past few days...

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Brook said...

Hello again! Duh, forgot about email! And I too often feel frustrated when something comes especially easy to me or I seem to "just know it" and the people around me don't. I find it very difficult to deal with people who can't think, extrapolate or follow a train of thought to its logical conclusion. Sooo, anyway glad you made some money and that you're back. Take care of that sweet baby and tune in next week when we hear Dr Bob say...