Tuesday, December 02, 2008

One Month Off

I checked the NGTC calendar today. My class ended early because as soon as we took the Serve Safe exam, we were done, but the official end of the term is December 17th. Classes resume on January 7th. I've been very worried that I wouldn't be able to afford a class next month but I got a call about a consulting gig. Three days next week should pay for the class. It's about half of what I used to get for consulting but sometimes you've got to take what you can get, especially these days. I would prefer it not to be Mon-Wed since Monday and Tuesday we have little wiggle room with Dinah's schedule, but again, sometimes you take what you can get.

The good thing will be that I'll be able to get my last class hurdle out of the way. There are about three prerequisite classes for the culinary arts program. I have Professionalism and Serve Safe out of the way. Next term will be Principals of Cooking. After that I can take anything I want whenever I want. Whew!

By the way, I got a 96% on my Serve Safe exam. Passing was a 75%. It is strictly a pass/fail thing. I aced every section except two. I think there were only three questions on food allergies and I got a 67% on that section. I also misses a few on general food questions, I think I got an 85% there. Not bad for barely trying. Like I said, it's mostly common sense. Odd, grades are not posted yet for the class though.


Brook said...

Hurray for the consulting work! Every penny counts in this day and age. And congrats on the passing score. I never studied a lick in school and had a 4.0. No challenge. Seems like you enjoy the "alchemy" of cooking and it's good to stay challenged. But please don't diss the food safety stuff. I agree it's mostly common sense which obviously many lack but I got a terrible case of food poisoning from a free sample over the summer and I wish the people who made that chicken salad had done it right! And it has caused me to be much more careful in my own kitchen!

Huff Daddy said...

Oh I wasn't dissing food safety. I know I've had food poisoning at least three times, twice from my ex-m.i.l. My wife had it twice, when she was pregnant. I always tell people, if you weren't hoping to die, it wasn't food poisoning.

It is really scary how common sense most of it is. You do have to memorize the times and temps. But I had kids (under 20) in my class who just didn't get it. Like prepping raw chicken on the same board as the veggies. No no. And they are the ones working in the local restaurants! Scaaaaaary.

I do think I am safer at home more so now that I took the class. For example I use my thermometer much more often now.

Time to make some bread.