Thursday, December 04, 2008

Where the Wild Things Are

Wild yeast that is.

I've wanted to make sourdough bread for a long time. I love sourdough. The REAL thing that is. A lot of what you buy in the stores isn't really sourdough but more like sourdough flavored bread.

I found this web site and felt inspired. Especially since I have access to a lot of locally stone ground flour which seems to be the key ingredient for making your starter. I was thrilled when my starter took off in one day! I did run into a problem with it being very active but not doubling in volume. On a guess I added more flour without any water. That was the trick. Now it had enough body to double instead of being soupy. I emailed the web site author and he confirmed my tactic. He also told me a needed to switch over to regular flour now that it was a growing starter. When I have some money I'll be making a donation in thanks.

So today was bread day! Everything went very well except I had no idea how time intensive this was going to be. I'm disappointed I never got to the gym but I was able to get some cleaning in in between the four or five rises needed. All things considered, it came out well. It had a nice pleasant but light sour taste. Could be more sour for my tastes. The crust was way too dark and crunchy for me. My fault I'm pretty sure. As usual, I just can't follow directions verbatim. Maybe that has something to do with my "has issues with authority."* Instead of making two boules, French for rounds, I decided to make two loaves in loaf pans. My guess is that with the loaf pans I need to bake at a lower temperature. Oh well, I'll just take another week to grow some yeasties and try it again.

*From my management psych evaluation when I worked in SC.


Brook said...

Dude! When you get it figured out spread the love! My aunt always had sourdough starter in the fridge and fresh hot bread when we visited. Recreating that would be awesome!

Huff Daddy said...

Will be happy to. In Wisconsin we called it Friendship Bread, same thing I think.

Brook said...

Probably the same thing, because you have to make bread every week or give half the starter to a friend or throw it away and then "feed" what's left.

Brook said...

Where are you!?! Are you OK? Please tell me more of your adventures in cooking. Last night I made "japanese taco" meat (soboro) and it was delicious. Supper w/stirfry veggies, 4 filling lunches, froze some soboro onigiri for future lunches and have plenty left to add to breakfast omelets. Is that what you want? Cooking stuff? I cook EVERY DAY. I'll share, please come back!

Huff Daddy said...

Well it is a pleasure to be missed! I'm back, I was just on the road. You should have emailed.

The tacos sound awesome. Why is it that Asian and Mexican food fuses so well together?