Saturday, November 08, 2008

Crispin Apples

I've been practicing a few dishes in order to have some people over. When we do have dinner parties I like to have a dessert which I have a limited repertoire of. I'm not a big dessert eater so I really have to practice them. Since this invitation will involve kids I was thinking of something kid friendly and remembered seeing this on one of my favorite TV shows, Good Eats. Alton Brown is one of my all time heroes. He lives in Atlanta and I so wish we could be friends. He has my personality. We could talk food and ride motorcycles together. Life would be grand.

Anyway, it came out pretty good. We only eat Honey Crisp apples. I first discovered them living in Michigan where wee lived in a heavy apple production area. After having one I've never looked back. I buy them by the bushel, even ordering them on-line. Unfortunately they probably aren't the best baking apple if you want a soft texture. Excellent flavor though. Now I just have to find out if Arwyn likes apple crisp.

Here is the recipe if you would like to try it.

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