Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Nori Nori, Why You Illin'

Today we took a field trip to Nori Nori in Sandy Springs. We just went for lunch, no tour or anything. I think it is Chef Drake's way of exposing people to new foods and food sights, after all most of these kids are small town folk.

There were eight of us plus Chef Drake and Chef McKenna. It was slightly less painful than my class from last quarter. These seven were 20-22, a slight improvement from 16-17. If I was 22 again I probably would have found the drinking and bathroom stories more entertaining but I'm well past that.

The restaurant was phenomenal. I have never seen anything like it. It was a sushi buffet but I mean gooood sushi, the real thing. Lunch was 15 bucks and dinners are 27 dollars, a bargain at twice the price for this much sushi.

I started with a bowl of miso soup. There were three others to choose from. I had four plates of sushi with probably a dozen pieces per plate. I think I sampled about half of what was available. My favorites were the spicy tuna gunkan roll and and the inari. I did not have one piece that I did not like though the rolls with cream cheese as an ingredient were my least favorite. I had one piece of tempura salad. There at least 20 salads to chose from. The hot side had maybe 12-15 items to choose from. The teriyaki beef was awesome as was the blue fish. Finally there was a desert bar. The cheesecakes were ho-hum but the fruit tart would have been worth seconds or thirds. In addition to those options, for dinner they also have a hot grill with grilled prawns, stuffed shrimp and crab claws among other things.

Nori Nori is definitely worth the trip but only if you are a sushi lover and are in the mood to gorge.

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