Wednesday, November 12, 2008

End of an Era

Saturday my local coffee shop closed up. Now I have no where to go in the morning. Unlike other regulars, I went because it was a coffee shop not for breakfast. There are two coffee shops in Murphy, but Mountain Java was only 2 miles from the house. Murphy is just not as convenient.

A sad day.

The owners are supposedly packing it up for the winter and heading back down to Florida. They told everyone "see you in the spring" but I wouldn't bet on it. Their son got "divorced" and moved back to Florida last month. Their daughter and son-in-law moved back last week due to lack of jobs here. So they have no reason to be here anymore. I see the writing on the wall but none of the other regulars seem to get it. Today a for sale sign went up in front of the building.

With the closing of the coffee shop came the end of Great Tastes of..., my specialty foods and spice stand. The past few months I've had to mark everything down 50% just to move 5 or 6 items. Chalk it up as another financial disaster in my history. Well I guess the remaining stock can be used for a few Christmas gifts. A small silver lining.

Anybody need some really good spice? I can repackage in small quantities.

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