Thursday, November 06, 2008

Franz Kafta

I admit I am a little bit of a conspiracy theorist and I really think something has changed with eggs. For years I had no problem hard boiling eggs. I bought one of these and it never let me down. Perfect every time. And then...

I haven't been able to make an easy peeling hard boiled egg for the maybe the last three years. My Egg Perfect no longer saves me. I've tried different methods, old eggs, new eggs, brown eggs, white eggs, free range, caged, organic, salt, baking soda, pricking. Nothing seems to give me nice, easy to peel eggs any more. I'm starting the think it might be time for a DOE to solve this. Now I dread and hate boiling eggs!

I needed six boiled eggs to make a Lebanese recipe called Kafta Mahshi bi Bayd or Egg Stuffed Kafta Roll. It took seven boiled eggs to get me three acceptable ones to use for the recipe. The dish came out better than I expected. I'm not a meat loaf fan. The spiced flavor of Mediterranean meats is a very nice change from the ordinary.

My version of the recipe.

For more on Lebanese cooking try this book: A Taste of Lebanon: Cooking Today the Lebanese Way

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