Saturday, November 22, 2008

Look Out!

I was making biscuits today when I bumped into the dishes drying on the counter and knocked my 7" non-stick pan off the counter. It landed on my foot and hurts like a sunufabich. I had no idea I needed to wear my old metatarsals in the kitchen.

This pan is made by Look Cookware of Iceland (sometime sold as Evaco in the US). I read somewhere that if you buy a non-stick pan you should buy from a company that specializes in non-stick cookware, not a company that makes good cookware and has a non-stick line. So that's what I did. This pan is made from pressure cast aluminum and is every bit as heavy as my All Clad stainless steel pan of the same size. The coating is some type of Teflon-titanium coating and is oven safe. And as I mentioned before, no damn rivets, like on my All Clad pan.

The coating has held up well so far though the edge is wearing away, I think from having other pans rubbing on top as I toss it in the cabinet for storage. The wear doesn't affect cooking and there is no risk of it chipping, flaking or coming off into the food I am cooking. I use this pan almost exclusively for frying eggs. I can see no reason for using a non-stick pan other than for frying eggs. I give it a light spritz of oil with my Misto and eggs never stick. You can almost clean up with just a paper towel. That's the only downside of this pan, it is hand wash only. Well that and it hurts if you drop it on your foot.

I highly recommend Look if you want a great non-stick pan. They are nearly impossible to find though. You have to search hard on the Internet. I bought mine from this place.

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