Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Class Begins Today!!!

Except I'm not in it.
I can't tell you how crushed I am. All good things must come to an end some time. We just plain ran out of money. Even with the money I made last month, there just wasn't enough to cover an electric bill that doubled, vehicle registrations, insurance(s), doctor visits, prescriptions, etc.

I guess there won't be any brilliant posts about school, class and professional cooking for awhile.

I'm bummed. I'm depressed. And sick on top of it. And the weather is crappy wicked. Not a good day.


Brook said...

Its taken me awhile to get back to you on this. Obviously crushed is putting it lightly. And I know that reading recipe books and watching Food Network all day are not even close to an acceptable substitute. I worked on a ranch in Arizona with a woman who had just finished cooking school-and a good one somewhere in the Northeast,maybe New York or Vermont maybe? Anyway what I remember most about her is that she had an awesome set of knives and decent knife skills. And I remember her talking about how if the ranch(Circle Z Dude Ranch in Patagonia AZ in case you were wondering)was the only place that would hire her maybe she had wasted her money and her time. And she wasn't even the head cook(they didn't have chefs on that ranch;). So anyway, have you tried a local tech school? The one here offers some culinary classes for cheap-if you do it as continuing ed. Sometimes only cake decorating but even that can be fun. I have never been interested cooking school but I just realized that I do know how you feel. Exactly. I wanted to be and artist and applied for admission to Savannah College of Art and Design, the ONLY school in my opinion. I was accepted. I also applied for financial aid. You know, Pell Grants and workstudy and I had a partial academic scholarship. With the acceptance letter came the bill-what I owed after all that aid kicked in. $8000 for the academic year. Not including student housing or food. I was devestated. So much so that I turned down a FULL scholarship to the Atlanta College of Art and Design! I was only 17 and quite stupid but anyway I let my disappointment drastically change the rest of my life. I won't linger on the could have beens though it is tempting. Suffice to say I am not the artist I dreamed of being and have done other things that I would never have done if I had followed my original dream, things I wouldn't trade for anything-I am pretty sure anyway. And really, I can and do create art without having taken any classes since highschool. And my daughter has taught herself to draw quite well without any classes at all! Ok Ok, enough of the pep talk. Perk up and prepare something delicious that you have never made before!

Brook said...

Wow, I should have just put that on my blog and sent you there! Send me your address cause I have a present for Rose. Don't ask, it's a surprise!

Huff Daddy said...


Thanks for the Rah Rah talk. I appreciate it.

I'm not sure what I would do after cooking school. I'm too old and happily married to go into a restaurant. Too much sex, drugs and rock and roll, i.e. temptation, for me at this point in my life. I have thought about being a mini-caterer limiting myself to no more than say 10-12 plates. I envision serving doctor's office lunches. Something bigger than a personal chef but smaller than an actual catering gig. And that's just a big maybe. Mostly I just wanted to take the classes, enjoy it and know that I could cook at home better than anyone else I know hands down :)

I'm hopeful I can take this class again either next quarter or the following quarter. I'm not sure when it will rotate through again. While I am sad that I'm not taking the class this quarter, I think I'm mostly down that we've sunk this low. We've been sliding down a slippery slope now for 4 years now and there is no end in sight. Things were supposed to get better after we left Bainbridge.

Craig said...

You should start one of those "Send AJ to Cooking School!" websites where people donate just because you asked.

It worked for other random people, why not you?

You probably think I'm joking...