Friday, January 16, 2009

Family Secrets

Last night dinner was just Rose and me, Dinah was out mopping. I let Rose pick dinner, from a select few choices which I control (there's a secret to success in there). She picked Monkey Rings and pancakes. It was supposed to be an A, B, C, or D quiz. I don't remember A and C being an answer, but no matter, an easy enough dinner to prepare. Monkey Rings by the way are generic Fruit Loops.

But the real dinner to write about was the night before. Because I had been stock piling, I had everything I needed to make Beef Stroganoff except noodles so that facilitated a run to the grocery, with a coupon in hand, and made this a very inexpensive meal. This is not your traditional beef stroganoff. This is a quick and dirty, my-Mom-had-less-than-an-hour-to-make-dinner version. She probably got this recipe from a soup can or something but it still remains one of my all time favorite meals.

I've been eating this for at least 30 years and making it myself for over 20. My childhood friends still wax on and on about eating this dish. It's good enough for casual company or to serve to your family once per week. My dad, my brother and I have a tendency to gorge on this meal and eat waaaayyy too much. We love it that much.

So here it is, the secret family recipe. Easy to double or halve if necessary. Enjoy and if you make it, let me know what you think. And my secret? I like to eat the left overs, cold and heavily salted, for breakfast the next morning.


Brook said...

This is almost like the one I grew up with, the only difference is we make a thin gravy after the meat is browned and add an onion soup packet instead of the boullion and mushroom soup. Oh, and we usually had mashed potatos instead of noodles. But definitely the peas, I like the frozen ones best. And who said you have to have eggs and bacon and toast ofr breakfast? Leftovers are great for that I think!

Huff Daddy said...

Yes we have a push pull thing in our house concerning peas. I much prefer frozen while my wife prefers canned. Blech. We've been eating mostly canned though lately. :)

Brook said...

Also I like your music though only hear a couple of bars as I click my way through.

Dinah said...

The stroganoff is awesome! AJ was even more wonderful than usual and let me take the leftovers for my lunch the next day (instead of eating them cold for breakfast). My take on peas -- I love Leseur baby peas! I eat frozen peas only if they're cooked to a very soft consistency. Mostly I find frozen peas too firm and crunchy for my liking.