Friday, January 23, 2009

Some Things Are Just So, So, So very Wrong

Yesterday we took Rose to the dentist (the best dentist, EVER), her first time. This was not an official dental visit, just a show and tell, look and see, so that when her first exam does come in six months she is not quite so scared. Rose was very excited. All week we built it up and and the whole drive there, we live an hour away, Rose kept demanding, "I want to go to the dentist!" Damn, Mom and Dad are good.

There were a couple of anxious moments, but the overall event was fun and enjoyed by Rose. She let her hygienist, Jen, count her teeth with the scary scraper thingy. Dr. Lykins looked in Rose's mouth with her mirror and Rose willingly did everything. My favorite part was when Jen opened the little tiny tub of tooth polish and Rose thought it was lip balm. Rose would stick her finger in it, lightly, and then spread the polish on her lips with her finger tip, and then lick her finger clean. Repeat.

So where is the food connection?

Ohhhhh boy.

Afterwards we were discussing with the Dr. Lykins and Jen how lovely Rose's teeth are, and her parent's teeth. My dentist LOVES my teeth. I never had a cavity until this year! It was depressing. Then we talked about all of the mouths of horror that they see. And how the parents bring their kids in with rotten mouths saying, "I just don't understand, she brushes her teeth and all." Bullshit. This is 100% the parents fault. Three years olds cannot be held accountable for their health care. For example, my niece and nephew used to get Coke in their baby bottle because their evil mother Misfit said their pediatrician told her the kids were too young to have juice. Do you think I'm stupid? Please. Or as I have witnessed many times, kids who get sugary drinks or snacks right before they go to bed. Come on!

So were discussing all of this and Rose's hygienist Jen pipes up that her sister-in-law gives her baby, as in under one year old baby, chocolate breast milk!!! I can't even count the number of levels that is wrong on. Jen was quick to add she was not related by blood.


Brook said...

Baby's dentist story is not so good. We don't give her sugary drinks unless they are super diluted-like 3-1 ratio of water to juice, and milk once or twice a day. But we did let her carry her sippee cups with her all day which is apparently as bad as putting your baby to bed with a bottle which we never did(she was breast fed). I felt really stupid by the time we got out of the dentists office. Fortunately no MAJOR damage had been done(some minor enamel loss) but we will have to be very vigilant until she starts getting those permanent teeth.

Huff Daddy said...

Now that's not so bad. We'd probably do the same thing, except Rose pounds her drinks. She gets that honestly from me. I do worry because I can envision that sippee cup as a Miller Lite the way she slams it. Bad juju in her future.

This week to save a few cents I started buying the frozen cans of juice and mixing it 2:1. Rose actually prefers it diluted. And she drinks a lot of water.

My mom used to put me to bed with a bottle of apple juice! My how times have changed.